to follow the Windows 7 setup steps

If after this process you continually get prompted for your 'nyu' credentials, please follow these steps.

  1. Navigate back to "Manage Wireless Networks."
  2. Right click on 'nyu' but this time select "properties"
  3. Navigate to the "Security" tab and select"Advanced settings"
  4. Under "Specify authentication mode:" change the drop down menu to "User authentication" and select save credentials
  5. Enter your current NYUHome credentials in here and hit "OK"


Troubleshooting Tips

Here are a few common solutions if you are having difficulties connecting to 'nyu'

  • Have you activated your NYU account? If not, please head to and complete the registration process (it can take between 2-4 hours after registering or changing an NYUHome password to successful authenticate to 'nyu').
  • Have you recently changed your NYUHome credentials? If so, you will need to enter your current password to connect.
  • The majority of wireless issues can be resolved by removing 'nyu' as a known network and adding it again with the proper configuration by following the instructions below.



NYU participates in the eduroam global wifi network for academic institutions.  You can connect to the eduroam wifi network at any other participating institution with using your NYU credentials.

Trực Tiếp Xổ Số Miền Nam Minh NgọcTo connect:

  1. Select eduroam from the list of available wifi networks.
  2. Enter your (e.g. and your NYU password.

Note: You should remove eduroam from your saved wifi networks before returning to the NYU campus or your device(s) may connect to that instead of the regular NYU wifi network which may limit your access to some online NYU resources.


Trực Tiếp Xổ Số Miền Nam Minh Ngọc

Trực Tiếp Xổ Số Miền Nam Minh NgọcPrinters are not supported on any NYU wifi network.