Brennan Center symposium addresses workplace challenges for law clerks


Associate Justice Goodwin Liu, California Supreme Court
“We thought about [this issue of increasing diversity] as kind of having three gateways…. The first concerns the students. And we hear a lot about—already on the panel, and certainly I’ve also heard it—about self-vetoing. You know, students who just opt out of the [clerkship] process, or they may suffer information gaps, or they may be actively discouraged….The second concerns the schools—what kind of policies, what kind of practices are being used by schools to track, encourage, mentor, promote, you know, historically disadvantaged groups in reaching these opportunities?….And then the third concerns the judges and their hiring practices. And I think these three—the students, the schools, and the judges—we have to think of this holistically, because all three are important parts of the equation and we can probably learn something about roadblocks to diversity from examining each.”

Watch the full discussion on video:

Behind the Bench: The Treatment and Selection of Law Clerks (Day 1)

Behind the Bench: The Treatment and Selection of Law Clerks (Day 2)

Posted 3/24/21