Event Planning at NYU Law

. Our hope is that this process will identify opportunities for collaboration, minimize the number of conflicts, and ensure that adequate resources are allocated to virtual programs.  

Trực Tiếp Xổ Số Miền Nam Minh NgọcIf your event is open to members of the Law School community or the public, we recommend adding your event to the . Instructions on how to do so can be found .

For security reasons, we do not recommend including links to events that are not password protected on your calendar entry. You are free to use the platform of your choice to host your virtual event, but we have found that , which is available via , works very well. A guide to using Zoom can be found .

If you have any questions regarding virtual events, please contact Joe Kadish, Administrative Coordinator (kadishj@mercury.law.nyu.edu) or Penelope Fernandes, Director of Institutional Events (penelope.fernandes@nyu.edu) in the Dean’s Office.