In the Name of Dignity

Trực Tiếp Xổ Số Miền Nam Minh NgọcStates today face supranational scrutiny with respect to how they treat individuals within their own territories, including their own citizens. Whether this scrutiny occurs in the United Nations or in human rights courts, international human rights regimes challenge the very conception of “inter-state” law.

NYU School of Law prepares students to work in this growing arena by offering a wide range of courses and clinics taught by faculty in the vanguard of human rights work, including , the UN special rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, ’99, whose interdisciplinary work involving using information graphics to tell human rights stories received a MacArthur Foundation grant, and  an interdisciplinary scholar and an editor-in-chief of whose work makes significant contributions to human rights law. 

The Robert and Helen Bernstein Institute for Human Rights promotes cutting-edge scholarship, advocacy, and education on human rights issues, and serves as a coordinating hub for existing human rights work at NYU, including the and the . Students pursuing human rights work will also find guaranteed summer funding and post-graduate fellowships in prominent nonprofits. The LLM in International Legal StudiesTrực Tiếp Xổ Số Miền Nam Minh Ngọc also offers opportunities for further development in this area.