Taking on the World

Guarini Institute for Global Legal Studies

The Law School’s Guarini Institute for Global Legal Studies prepares students to succeed in a changing and increasingly interconnected world. Our faculty and curriculum are unsurpassed in “public” international law, with expertise and courses in the history and theory of public international law and global governance, including various opportunities for hands-on clinics and internships. The Law School demonstrates equivalent strengths in international economic law, thanks to our deep coverage of international trade, investment, finance, taxation, and dispute resolution. NYU Law also has an unrivaled capacity for interdisciplinary work: our international and comparative law faculty includes experts on economics, sociology, philosophy, and history—as is appropriate for a world where legal issues are never neatly separated. Our specialized LLM programs—in International Business Regulation, Litigation, and Arbitration, International Legal Studies, and International Taxation—allow students to take full advantage of these offerings.

Members of the NYU Law community can access a robust network of centers, clinics, programs, and study abroad opportunities. The pioneering Hauser Global Law School Program brings faculty, fellows, and students from around the world to teach, study, and collaborate in New York. brings together in-depth interdisciplinary study, practice, and exploration of legal and regulatory issues that are transforming legal practice in a new global landscape. Public interest summer funding ensures interested JD students can pursue opportunities abroad, and NYU Law Abroad places students in Buenos Aires and Paris during the academic year. For more, see Global Programs